Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency


Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency

Chapter Outline

  • Residential energy conservation 
  • Housing and energy affordability (NYS goal of less than 6% household energy burden)
  • Erie County Low Income Program for Sustainable Energy (ECLIPSE) 
    • Tenant and utility ratepayer protections (rent, eviction, split incentives, stranded fossil fuel assets, COVID-19, ESCOs) 
  • Healthy, Supportive Housing – indoor air quality, lead, weatherization/energy efficiency, comfort, COVID 
  • Decarbonization (new construction/existing buildings) 
    • Regulated multifamily affordable housing (5+ units) 
    • Naturally occurring single family affordable housing (1-4 units) 
    • Market rate housing 
    • Codes and standards 
  • Gentrification and anti-displacement 
  • Access to capital (redlining/greenlining)

We are seeking comments from individuals and organizations on this chapter. Once the Goal, Strategies, and Action Items are drafted, public comment period of 30 days will be open. Please get involved and help inform our Erie County Community Action Plan.

Goal -  Broad, aspirational statement of what we want to achieve specific to Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency

Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency Goal - Coming Soon

Strategies - Identify approaches that we take to achieve the goal

Read our Efficiency Strategy here (Open until 10/16)

Read our Smart Growth Strategy here (Open until 10/16)

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Action Items - Specific policy, program, or tool we used to understand progress to support a strategy

Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency Action Items - Coming Soon

If you have any questions you can contact us at sustainability@erie.gov or below.