Nature Based Solutions


Nature Based Solutions

Chapter Outline

  • Protection, preservation, repair and healing of land and water, especially using native plants and forestry practices 
  • Increasing urban tree canopy in urban/suburban communities to improve human health and resiliency to flooding and extreme temperatures, as well as carbon storage 
  • Access to a diversity of green space and parks for all neighborhoods 
  • “Green” Infrastructure – using natural systems to improve water quality 
  • Agriculture and Forestry
    • Protect agricultural land for food production and carbon storage 
    • Protect forests for carbon storage

We are seeking comments from individuals and organizations on this chapter. Once the Goal, Strategies, and Action Items are drafted, public comment period of 30 days will be open. Please get involved and help inform our Erie County Community Action Plan.

Goal -  Broad, aspirational statement of what we want to achieve specific to Nature Based Solutions

Nature Based Solutions Goal - Draft Goal Developed

Public comments are now closed - thank you for your input!

Strategies and Action Items - Identify approaches that we take to achieve the goal

Nature Based Solutions Strategies and Action Items - Ready for Public Review

Read our Connectivity Strategy and Action Items here (Open until 10/16)

Read our Conservation Strategy and Action Items here (Open until 10/16)

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