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Erie County Climate Action Informational Brochure

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Community Climate Action Plan - Timeline



Community Climate Action Plan - Scoping Document

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Scoping doc


Community Climate Action Plan - Outline

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Community Climate Action Plan Chapters

Working groups, consisting of County staff and community stakeholders, have put together goals, strategies, and action items that are ready for your review. Visit each page and leave your comments to make your voice heard.

foodAgriculture & Food Systems

  • Reduced GHG emissions from agriculture and food waste
  • Protecting our most productive agricultural lands and soils
  • Electrification of the food supply chain

justiceClimate Justice*

resiliencyClimate Resiliency*

energyCommercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy – Supply, Distribution, and Buildings

justiceCommunicating Progress*

wasteConsumption & Waste Reduction

  • Create less waste
  • Buy less, reuse is best, recycle right
  • Overconsumption is the problem
  • Know your community’s guidelines for recycling

workforceEconomic and Workforce Development

  • Community solar program such as microgrids are slowly building traction locally
  • Regenerative battery storage technology is being developed right on Buffalo’s Eastside (the tech is there; we just need to utilize it)
  • Green jobs are coming (will we be ready?)

housingHousing and Neighborhood Resiliency

natureNature Based Solutions

  • Increasing tree cover in neighborhoods keeps community's cooler in hot weather, cleans our air, and removes CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Planting native gardens supports pollinators and wildlife, helps filter groundwater, and makes our communities beautiful
  • Green infrastructure\living shorelines, can reduce runoff, mitigate flooding, and create habitat for wildlife and native plants
  • Protecting land provides habitat and carbon sequestration, reduces flooding, and provides recreation benefits


  • Reducing VMT saves time, money, and GHG emissions
  • Increasing vehicle electrification reduces harmful emissions and improves efficiency
  • Providing safe and energy efficient transportation options promotes access and improves public health

* indicates an advisory group