Erie County Ambassador Program

Help create a healthier and more resilient Erie County by becoming a Climate Action Ambassador

The Climate Action Ambassador program encourages residents to have conversations and share input on how our community can be healthy, sustainable, and resilient. Through this program, Ambassadors will gain knowledge to engage with their communities on topics such as climate change, equity, renewable energy, clean transportation, and more to help develop an equity-centered climate action plan.

Be an Climate Action Ambassador!

  • If you are interested in becoming a Climate Action Ambassador please fill out this sign-up form to access our Climate Action Ambassador Toolkit and join discussions with others on the topics below.
  • Being a Climate Action Ambassador is a flexible commitment. We ask that you try to host at least three meetings within your community to gain feedback on how Erie County can be healthy, sustainable, and resilient. These meetings can happen in any format that you deem appropriate for your community.
  • If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Erie County Sustainability Coordinator, Tracy Skalski.

Learning Series

The Department of Environment and Planning and partners will host a series of learning opportunities and discussions to help prepare Ambassadors to bring their communities’ voices into Erie County Climate Action. Ambassadors will be asked to watch pre-recorded videos about various Erie County Climate Action topic areas featuring County staff and expert partners. 

Introduction & Erie County Climate Action Overview

Welcome to the Erie County Climate Action Virtual Ambassador Program! Erie County Department of Environment and Planning staff introduces the Erie County Climate Action Program.

Video coming soon

How to Talk About Climate Change

Susan Spierre Clark, PhD, Assistant Professor and Chair of Sustainability Graduate Programs at the University of Buffalo, introduces and explains how to effectively communicate climate change:

  • The importance of talking climate change (0:58)
  • Why it is difficult to talk about climate change (3:05)
  • Tips for effective climate change communication (7:00)
  • Strategies to include when communicating climate change (13:15)
  • Impacts to Western New York (16:11)
  • Additional resources (21:57)

Segregated By Design

Videos coming soon

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