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Facts About Women In Erie County

  • Women comprise 51.3 percent of Erie County’s total population, 49.2 percent of its labor force, 56.5 percent of senior citizens, and 52.0 percent of the county’s registered voters.*
  • Women age 18–24 years: over 2,400 have not graduated from high school, over 10,400 have a high school or equivalency diploma, over 18,900 have some college or associates degree and over 10,500 have a Bachelor's degree or higher.*
  • The median annual earnings for women working full-time are $49,203, for men, $58,345*
  • Just over one in seven girls and women live at below the poverty level in Erie County.*
  • 1.0% of pregnancies are to teenage mothers, age 15–19, in Western New York.*
  • In Erie County in 2018 more than 10,000 incidents of domestic violence were reported to law enforcement. **
  • Of the almost 49,770 veterans in Erie County, approximately 3,600 are women.*

Data Sources:

*U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey Estimates, 2019 Five-Year Estimates

** Erie County Central Police Services, December 2018