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Black Women's Equal Pay Day

  • Black or African American women in New York were paid 67.8 cents on the dollar while Hispanic and Latina women were paid only 62.9 cents on the dollar compared to men.

  • Equal education DOES NOT mean equal pay. Black women w/ a bachelor’s degree or more had median earnings of $60,681 in 2020, compared to $91,805 for White males. #BlackWomensEqualPayDay #EqualPayNY

  • In New York, Black women lose up $26,547/year due to the #wagegap. Solutions like salary range disclosure legislation increases transparency and exposes inequities. #BlackWomensEqualPayDay #EqualPayNY

  • In an entire lifetime, Black women in New York will lose a total of $986,800 over a 40-year career due to the wage gap. #BlackWomensEqualPayDay #EqualPayNY

  • Black women in NY are paid 67.8¢ to every $1 a non-Hispanic, white male earns. We need legislation and action to close the #wagegap! #BlackWomensEqualPayDay #EqualPayNY
Black Womens Equal Pay Day Fact Sheet