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Call for Advocacy

Call for Advocacy Support NYS Senate Bill S509//Assembly Bill A3181A sponsored by senator tim kennedy federal law sets a minimum radius distance of 3/4 of a mile for any paratransit service  NYS only follows the federal minimum even though it's authorized to go beyond that this bill would extend the minimum service area any public transit agency must utilize for paratransit to three miles from a fixed station 3/4 of a mile is an unnecessary burden on users of paratransit as it limits the geographic locations they can access, especially upstate and western ny, where bus service areas are more sparse than in NYC three miles would mean increased access to work, socialization, medical appointments, shopping, attractions and housing Contact your NYS Assembly Members & Senators and ask them to co-sponsor/support tell them why it is important to you or email to share your story

You can use this template below:

To Whom It May Concern;

[Your name/ Organization Name] is writing to express our strong support for

Stephanie’s Bill A3181/S5092, which would increase the minimum

distance that paratransit is required to go from a bus stop in New

York State.

Paratransit is essential for people with disabilities, including

developmental disabilities, seniors, and veterans to get around

independently. People rely on paratransit to be able to get out of

their homes and attend activities, including programs, civic

engagements, doctor’s appointments, shopping, visiting friends and

family, work, volunteering and participating in the great

opportunities that New York State has to offer.

Our organization fully supports people with disabilities to have

access to their community and the activities of everyday living, and

to be as independent as possible.

We strongly encourage support for Stephanie’s Bill and look forward

to its passage by New York State government.