ErieNet will be a new not-for-profit, local development corporation (LDC) designed to provide stewardship for the construction and ongoing management of a municipal based open access fiber optic backbone that will span nearly 400 miles throughout Erie County. The LDC will be responsible for all components of the Open Access Model (OAM) up to and including long term operations once completed.

The mission is to create a foundation to address the broadband needs of unserved areas, improve services in underserved areas of the community and enable world class broadband investment and deployment county wide. The fiber optic backbone will be owned by the county but managed and controlled by ErieNet. ErieNet will be open for any viable entity to use or provide services to support broadband technologies and services. It is intended to enhanced economic development opportunities, promote better quality of life and enhance Erie County as a globally competitive community.

To see the full informational flyer on this project, please click here.

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04/22/2022 - 11:27 am