Emery Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2021 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Strohrer’s Lodge Age and condition of roof, old non-efficient windows, wood rot and asbestos. New roof, windows/doors replaced, painting and associated carpentry. $72,920.00
Maintenance Building Two (2) flat roof leak and all windows are non-efficient and in need of replacement. Replacing both roofs (including asbestos) and windows on building. $48,225.00
Emery Culvert Replacement Age/ condition and rating required replacement. Full replacement of culvert and only road to Ski Lodge.                         *Walls to be finished in Spring 2014 $354,829.00
Emery Dam Partial Decommission Current condition and dam safety concerns flagged. Partial decommission to repair what is required, while changing dam classification to lower class/level. $360,717.00
Million Dollar Comfort Station Closed down due to conditions until repairs are made. New plumbing service, replaced roof, upgraded fixtures, masonry work and painted. $34,554.00
Parking Lot/Roadway Improvements—Phase 1 Several parking lots and roadways through-out park in terrible condition. Prioritized worse areas to be repaired/resurfaced and improved. $78,685.00
Emery Inn Emery Inn and various other buildings evaluated for safety related matters. Consultants and PW currently evaluating for safety, asbestos and estimates for removal (bids/specs). $46,500.00
Shelter #12 Determined to be unsafe and a threat to the public - tree fell on. WPA Era Stone Structure renovated utilizing existing stone ends, including new roof and poured concrete floor. $185,200.00
Building Demolition Unsafe and dilapidated buildings left to remain with no plan. Five (5) five structures removed, including three (3)that were deemed unsafe and a threat to the public by consultant. $113,000.00
In-House Capital Project Six (6) shelters in need of substantial upgrades, including areas around. Complete roof tear-offs, creation of suitable parking areas, masonry/ concrete work, new trusses , etc. $130,002.00
Richardson Cottage and Shelter Both facilities so poor they cannot be rented until improvements are completed. New Roofs, extensive foundation repairs on cottage, complete remodel inside and out, new blacktop road and parking area installed. $190,716.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements- Phase 2 Continue efforts to improve areas within park that are in poor condition/ shape. Roadway paved up through Harrigans Circle and down to Ski Lodge. Replaced culvert near the Ski Lodge. $92,113.00 
Japanese Garden Shelter Shelter was dilapidated. Shelter repurposed into pergola $8,000.00
Storage Building Exterior in disrepair, broken blocks. New siding installed, structure repairs $55,301.00
Ski Lodge Plumbing and Lighting Upgrades Needed upgrades. New lighting, plumbing fixtures and toilets installed. $5,046.00
Magic Carpet Age/ condition required replacement. Installation at Ski Hill $841,929.00
Emery Ski Lodge Needed upgrade. Floor Tile Replacement $36,450.00
Roadway Paving Phased improvements to roadways. $100,000.00
Doors Replaced Safe/secure new doors to buildings $52,000.00
Shelter Removals Remove unsafe/underutilized NON-WPA shelters. $15,000.00
Inclusive Playground Furnish and install inclusive playground. $425,000.00