Wendt Beach Capital Improvements

2012 - 2021 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Maintenance Building Siding rotted around entire base of building and several areas (holes to be filled). Rotted siding replaced, gutters/leaders installed, new commercial door and painted entire building. $23,471.00
Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements Huge voids/ holes and crumbling in many areas. Black top patching in worst areas and oil & chipped entire lot and driveway into park. $42,384.00
Wendt Mansion Study Building in obvious need of repair but no estimate or plan. Consultant hired to evaluate overall current conditions and cost to refurbish using today’s codes/cost. $24,000.00
Building Renovations & Waterline Upgrades Facilities inadequate and not meeting existing & future needs. Turning block building into new lifeguard reporting area, storage area, office space and restroom facility. $214,900.00
Hot Box required by Erie County Water Authority Water service into the park was upgraded and hot box needed for backflow preventer. Hot box installed and connections put in at Old Lakeshore Road instead of all the way through the park. $70,943.00
Electrical Upgrade- Residence Problem/ Safety issue with electrical panel. Old style glass fuse panel replaced with new panel. $1,526.00
New Waterline Improper waterline was in place. New, correct waterline run to the residence. $73,424.00
Log Cabin Demolition Building in disrepair, safety hazard to the public. $5,192.00
Wendt Residence Demolition as per BID/RFP $66,593.00