Vendor Electronic Payments Program

Upon contracting with Erie County, vendors can receive their County payments quickly and reliably through electronic transmission using a secure VISA credit card account. Otherwise vendors may continue to receive payments by traditional paper check sent via USPS mail.

Erie County has partnered with M & T Bank to provide vendors with a fast, reliable and secure electronic payment process which expedites payment remittances. Since implementing the electronic payment program in January 2015, the County has been paying vendors on a weekly basis - without delays or interruption - several days prior to sending weekly paper checks to vendors.

Participation in the County's electronic payment program is voluntary; vendors are not required to accept County payments electronically.

Vendors that wish to enroll in the County's secure Electronic Payments Program should complete and submit the following form to the Erie County Comptroller's Office or contact the Erie County Comptroller's Office at (716) 858-8400. The Comptroller's Office can provide detailed information on enrollment and participation in the program.

Once vendors submit their completed enrollment form to the Comptroller's Office, the Comptroller's Office will send a written confirmation to each vendor.