Treatment Sector

Purpose of the Treatment Sector

The purpose of the Treatment Sector is to provide a site to manage the treatment of multiple IMMEDIATE and DELAYED patients. The treatment sector is responsible for establishing a treatment area to provide stabilization and continuing care of patients until they can be transported to a medical facility.

Goal of the Treatment Sector

The objective of the treatment sector is to ensure treatment is rapid, adequate and appropriate numbers of treatment personnel are assigned to each patient. Intervention is provided by a variety of ALS personnel, BLS personnel, and medical professionals.

The following items represent the standard operations that are normally performed by the Treatment Sector:

  • Identify whether treatment will occur “in place” or in a designated treatment area. Sector officers determine together with Command whether patients would be treated “in place” or treated at a specific treatment area.
  • Coordinate all treatment activities with triage, transport and medical supply.
  • Determine available resources
  • Identify and establish a large treatment area. If incident is large, establish separate “Immediate” and “Delayed” treatment areas
  • Assign and supervise treatment teams
  • Ensure safety and accountability of all patients and assigned personnel
  • Verify transportation priorities with Transportation Sector
  • Coordinate with other sectors
  • Notify Command when all patients have been moved from the treatment area. 

Treatment personnel must continue to assess all patients for changes in conditions through an ongoing basis to maintain appropriate triage classifications

For More Information, contact:

Mary Culp, BSN, RN, SMART Treatment Sector Leader at 716-858-7410 or via email at


Jacob A.  Miller, RN, CEN, CCRN, EMT-P, Alternate Sector Leader at 716-913-7573 or via email at