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Be EC200

No matter what your community outreach plans hold in the Bicentennial year (April 2021 through April 2022)—exhibits, heritage-based programs, or communicating the value of your business in the community—you can benefit by participating.

EC200 is endorsing and promoting community-led projects that showcase 200 years of community contributions, achievements, and milestones. Participants are creating programming that will help ensure the year-long commemoration is inclusive and reflective of the diversity and spirit of our county. all while being connected to County’s bicentennial, open to the public, accessible, and independently fundable and achievable.

Here’s how.

Be Collaborative

  • Cooperate by drawing together the many threads that shape your immediate network and our broader region- Erie County residents, business leaders, government departments, religious groups, education resources and more
  • Connect past, present, and future generations to our unique local stories, traditions and values
  • Recruit volunteers, supporters, and ex-pats to to support EC200 and participate

Be Creative

  • Make EC200 your own by considering what events, traditions, and stories should and could be shared with our community
  • Use this occasion to rally around something universally powerful- our shared stories and experiences

Be Resourceful

  • Deliver independently fundable and achievable offerings
  • Cost free involvement is fully voluntary
  • Look for opportunities to leave a legacy
  • Keep public safety front-of-mind with pandemic-aware solutions for safe access and gathering

Be Seen

  • Send your logo and links to
  • Your organization can be categorized as an attraction, museum, under architecture, etc. - there are several places on the website to be seen.  Email or call Cindy Kincaide ( ) to coordinate a listing. 
  • Feature your Company Stories and/or Company History on your webpage.  Honor stories of individual inventors, innovators or founders- make an emotional connection by sharing a story of yours that has crossed time to shape who we are today.
  • Contact eriecounty200@gmail for assistance!


This commemoration is for all of us.

EC200 offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to honor our roots and step forward to an unfolding future.

Let EC200 work for you.

There is no official EC200 tagline- EC200 Style Resources are customizable with your own message.


Flexible system designed to honor EC200 as appropriate to your piece.