Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency


Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency

Chapter Outline

  • Residential energy conservation 
  • Housing and energy affordability (NYS goal of less than 6% household energy burden)
  • Erie County Low Income Program for Sustainable Energy (ECLIPSE) 
    • Tenant and utility ratepayer protections (rent, eviction, split incentives, stranded fossil fuel assets, COVID-19, ESCOs) 
  • Healthy, Supportive Housing – indoor air quality, lead, weatherization/energy efficiency, comfort, COVID 
  • Decarbonization (new construction/existing buildings) 
    • Regulated multifamily affordable housing (5+ units) 
    • Naturally occurring single family affordable housing (1-4 units) 
    • Market rate housing 
    • Codes and standards 
  • Gentrification and anti-displacement 
  • Access to capital (redlining/greenlining)

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Goal -  A broad, aspirational statement of what we want to achieve specific to Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency

Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency Goal - Draft Goal Developed

The Draft Goal has been developed, but we are still accepting feedback. Please email sustainability@erie.gov to provide feedback!

Strategies and Action Items - Identify approaches that we take to achieve the goal

Housing & Neighborhood Resiliency Strategies - Draft Strategies Developed:

Strategy 1 - Efficiency

Strategy 2 - Electrification and Renewable Energy

Strategy 3 - Resilience

Strategy 4 - Smart Growth

These Draft Strategies have been developed, but we are still accepting feedback. Please email sustainability@erie.gov to provide feedback!

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