Commercial Energy

Wind power

Commercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy – Supply, Distribution, and Buildings

Chapter Outline:

  • Decarbonizing the power sector by ramping up renewables and moving away from fossil fuel
    • Large scale renewables
    • Distributed renewables (e.g., rooftop and community solar)
    • Siting, community benefits, and ownership
  • Clean heating, cooling and building electrification 
  • Battery technology and storage
  • Public power (public ownership and control of local/regional generation/distribution systems) – community solar, microgrids

We are currently seeking comments from individuals and organizations on this chapter. Once the Goal, Strategies, and Action Items are drafted, public comment period of 30 days will be open. Please get involved and help inform our Erie County Community Action Plan.

Goal -  Broad, aspirational statement of what we want to achieve specific to Commercial Energy

Commercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Goal - Coming Soon

Strategies - Identify approaches that we take to achieve the goal

Read our Energy Code Strategy here (Open until 10/27)

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Action Items - Specific policy, program, or tool we used to understand progress to support a strategy

Commercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Action Items - Coming Soon

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