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DPW Bid Retrieval

Bids will not be accepted unless the bid package is downloaded directly from and contact information is captured.

Please Note - All PDF files can be saved to your computer.
Division Bid Number Title Submission Deadline Bid Notice
Buildings and Grounds ECDPW 2019-943-01 County of Erie - New Erie County Lancaster Highway Facility 03_ntb_new_lanc_hwy_facility.pdf
Highways FA-5763.42-23 2023 Bridge Deck Overlays and Joint Repairs (5 Bridges) 2023_bridge_deck_overlays.pdf
Buildings and Grounds ECDPW 2022-818-03 County of Erie Buffalo Niagara Convention Center Sidewalk Vault Rehabilitation 2022-818-03_bncc_vault_rehab_ntb.pdf
Buildings and Grounds ECDPW 2022-816-02 County of Erie Rath Building 15th Floor Abatement Project 03_notice_to_bidders.pdf
Buildings and Grounds ECDPW 2021-885-02 REBID Erie County Health Lab Building Renovations- Phase 3 REBID 2021-885-02_ec_health_lab_ph_3_rebid_ntb_0.pdf
Above is a list of available bids. Fill out the form below. Under requesting bids, check the boxes that apply to what you wish to download and click submit. You will then be able to download the bid(s) of your choice.
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