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The 2019 NYS Budget contains changes to the STAR program.…/star-rebate-program-new…/3331282002/

New for 2019: Senior Citizens Must Enroll in Income Verification Program for Property Tax Break

STAR Property Tax Relief Program

There have been some changes in how certain homeowners will apply for STAR, and in how they receive their STAR benefit. 

New applicants who qualify for STAR will register with New York State instead of applying with their assessor.

If they qualify, they will receive a STAR credit in the form of a check, rather than receiving a property tax exemption. The dollar value of the credit will be the same as the property tax exemption.

Taxpayer Alert

Changes to the NYS STAR program. If you purchased a home recently, the traditional STAR program has changed.  You need to register on line at the NYS Tax and Finance website. STAR is no longer a tax exemption on your school tax bill, you will be mailed a STAR credit check. 

Register for the School Tax Relief (STAR) Credit

What's new

Due to recent changes in the law, beginning this year:

  • the value of the STAR credit may increase by as much as 2% each year, but the STAR exemption cannot increase; and
  • the income limit for the Basic STAR exemption is now $250,000.

Who must switch

If your income is more than $250,000, you must switch to the STAR credit to continue receiving your benefit.

If your income is $250,000 or less, you have the option to switch.

How to switch to the STAR credit

  1. Notify your assessor that you wish to withdraw your STAR exemption.
  2. Register for the STAR credit.

(Has your ownership or age status changed? See STAR exemption program.)

Are you eligible?

If you own your home, it’s your primary residence, and your income is $500,000 or less, you’re eligible for the Basic STAR credit.

If you’re a senior citizen with a qualifying income, you may be eligible for the Enhanced STAR credit.

For more information, see STAR eligibility.

STAR credit checks

When you register for the STAR credit, the NYS Tax Department will automatically review your application to determine whether you’re eligible for the Basic or Enhanced STAR credit. As long as you’re eligible, you’ll receive a check for the amount of your benefit.

Senior citizens: If you qualify for the Enhanced STAR credit, you only need to register once. If you qualify for Enhanced STAR, you’ll automatically receive a check for the Enhanced benefit. You don’t need to register again in future years.

Note: If you’re a senior citizen, you should also be aware that there is a senior citizens exemption that may reduce your property tax bill if you qualify. This exemption has different income limits than STAR, and is administered by local assessors, not by the Tax Department. See Senior citizens exemption to learn more.

How To Register

You can Register for the STAR credit online. You will need to:

  • Provide the names and social security numbers for all owners of the property and their spouses.
  • Answer a few questions about the income and residency of the owners and their spouses.
  • Provide the date you purchased your property and the name of the sellers.

You can also register by calling (518) 457-2036

For more information:

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