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Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division 
45 Elm Street
Buffalo, NY 14203 
24-Hour Dispatch: 716-898-3696 
24-Hour Medical Direction 716-858-MERS (6377) 
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photo 2About the Medical Emergency Radio System (MERS)        

MERS is part of ECDOH Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division.  Some of the responsibilities of MERS Control include:  

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858-MERS Program

The Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Division of EMS is partnering with area hospitals to create an efficient and simple means of communication with Medical Direction through the use of (716) 858 MERS (6377). This single phone number will place the providers seeking Medical Direction in contact with ADI/MERS, who will facilitate connecting providers to Medical Direction and all conversations will be recorded. By presenting this singular solution we hope to minimize the time needed to contact and receive additional medical direction during time of high stress. The following procedure will be implemented effective immediately:

  • Providers needing medical direction from a physician will call (716) 858-MERS (6377).
  • MERS dispatchers will answer and ask what facility you would like medical direction from.
  • The provider will be transferred immediately to the selected facility; upon being connected to medical direction the MERS dispatcher will disconnect from the line.

Your cooperation with this project will allow for ADI/MERS to provide a central coordination for the distribution of communications between pre-hospital care providers and different healthcare facilities throughout the County of Erie, New York. Please direct any question you might to the Erie County Division of EMS offices (716) 681-6070.

911 System

  • 911 Call Taking Feedback - Erie County Department of Central Police Services and Emergency Medical Services would like to hear from you regarding your experience when calling 911.