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Children’s Camps

Air Quality Information for Children’s Camp Operators

Camp directors should know their local AQI forecast and alert level.  See for current conditions and follow DOH/USEPA AQI guidance as follows:

  • Orange 101-150: outdoor activities are ok for children, but they should be shorter, less intense, take more breaks, watch for symptoms, and follow all camper asthma action plans.
  • Red 151-200: similar to above, but further curtail intensity and length of outdoor activities and consider rescheduling or moving activities indoors.  For day camps this may mean seeking indoor activities or canceling camp during a red or higher alert level.  
  • Purple and higher (>200):  avoid all physical activity outdoors, seek indoor options, and follow indoor guidance regarding air conditioning, air purifiers, etc. as available.  Consider cancelling camp.    

Information on asthma:

More information about air quality is available at

Program Overview

Children’s Camps are classified as either Summer Day Camps or Children’s Overnight Camps.  The Erie County Health Department (ECDOH) inspects these camp facilities to make sure that they are safe and have proper supervision.

To find out if your camp requires a permit to operate as a Children’s Camp, see the NYS Sanitary Code Subpart 7-2.2 Definitions or contact our office at (716) 961-6800. 

Required Application Documents

NY State Sanitary Code Sections

Additional Documents and Resources


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