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Properties Built Before 1978 (Pre-1978 Properties) in Erie County, NY

The most common cause of lead poisoning is dust and chips from old paint.  Up until 1978, lead was used in many house paints.  Even today, deteriorating lead-based paint in homes can lead to high and unsafe amounts of lead in house dust.

Use this database to find out the year that the house you are living in was built.

Search Tips:

  • Do not include type of street when searching (Ave., Avenue, St., Street, Rd., Road, Blvd., Boulevard, Ln., Lane, Cir., Circle, etc.).
  • If your street contains “north,” “south,” “east” or “west,” do not include that in the search by address.  Example: Search for 100 Delavan instead of 100 East Delavan or 100 E. Delavan.
  • If you live in a village, use the town in the municipality field.  Example: Search Aurora instead of East Aurora.
  • When searching by municipality, if no results are found, try searching using the single word instead.  Example: Search Tonawanda instead of Town of Tonawanda or City of Tonawanda.
  • Searching by street name only (no number) will display all properties on that street built before 1978.