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Course Rosters & Schedules

NOTE: Rosters are added as student registrations are compiled for the particular class. The rosters are updated periodically as registrations are received, as a course is full, or as the registration deadline has passed. Applicants do not immediately show up on rosters.

Class schedules, agendas, and prerequisites are also found here. Refresh each page to see most current files.

  Roster Start Date Class Agenda Class Schedule
  052303 Roster 3/20/23 Fire Police  Colden - schedule - In Progress
  052304 Roster 5/23/23 Fire Police Angola - schedule 
  1R2302 Roster 1/23/23 Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations w/ Hazmat ECTOC - schedule - In Progress
  1S2301 Roster 3/27/23 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 Harris Hill - schedule - In Progress
  1S2302 Roster 4/10/23 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 ECTOC - schedule - FULL
  1S2303 Roster 3/28/23 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 Newton Abbott - schedule - In Progress
  1Y2301 Roster 5/23/23 Apparatus Operator - EVOC Harris Hill - schedule - Alts Only
  332302 Roster 5/2/23 Hazmat Incident Command East Aurora - schedule - FULL
  8B2301 Roster 4/20/23 Fire Police - Refresher Spring Brook - schedule 
  FLSE1-2301 6/5/23 Fire & Life Safety Educator 1 ECTOC - schedule
  FSI2-2301 4/24/23 Fire & Emergency Services Instructor II ECTOC - schedule 
  HZM42301 Roster 5/19/23 Hazmat Technician Module 4 ECTOC - schedule 
  HMSO2302 Roster 5/16/23 Hazmat Incident Safety Officer East Aurora - schedule 
  LODD2301 Roster 4/22/23 Taking Care Of Our Own Sheridan Park - schedule 
  TR2301 Roster 5/11/23 Passenger Train Emergencies - Awareness ECTOC - schedule
  TR2302 Roster 5/11/23 Passenger Train Emergencies - Awareness ECTOC - schedule 
      Firefighter Seminar Series  
  5122301 Roster 4/19/23 How to Read the Fire from the Smoke ECTOC - 4/19 New schedule
  5042301 Roster 4/5/23 Fire and Post Blast Investigation ECTOC - schedule
  5552301 Roster 4/12/23 First Responder Infant Sleep Safety ECTOC - schedule