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Course Rosters & Schedules

NOTE: Rosters are added as student registrations are compiled for the particular class. The rosters are updated periodically as registrations are received, as a course is full, or as the registration deadline has passed. Applicants do not immediately show up on rosters.

Class schedules, agendas, and prerequisites are also found here. Refresh each page to see most current files.

Roster Start Date Class Agenda Class Schedule
052204 Roster 9/20/22 Fire Police South Wales - schedule 
1R2204 Roster 6/14/22 Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations w/ HazMat East Aurora - schedule - In Progress
1R2205 Roster 8/8/22 Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations w/ Hazmat ECTOC - schedule 
1R2206 Roster 7/19/22 Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations w/ Hazmat Tonawanda - schedule  - New 
1S2204 Roster 9/8/22 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 East Aurora - schedule 
1S2205 Roster 10/3/22 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 ECTOC - schedule 
1S2206 Roster 10/11/22 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 Tonawanda - schedule - New 
502201 Roster 9/17/22 Basic Wildland Search Skills Chaffee-Sardinia - schedule
6H2201 Roster 11/29/22 Firefighter Survival Series - Self Rescue Hamburg - schedule 
782203 Roster 7/18/22 Apparatus Operator - Pump Operations Depew - schedule 
792202 Roster 7/5/22 Apparatus Operator - Aerial Devices  Orchard Park / Springville - schedule 
8B2201 Roster 9/12/22 Refresher - Fire Police Reserve - Prerequisite Fire Police Original Course
8S2201 Roster 5/25/22 BEFO-SCBA-IFO-FF1 (Blended Learning Bootcamp) ECTOC - schedule - In Progress
8S2202 Roster 5/31/22 BEFO-SCBA-IFO-FF1 (Blended Learning Bootcamp) ECTOC - schedule //  Class Information - In Progress
9N2202 Roster 9/6/22 Engine Company Operations Brighton - schedule 
9O2201  10/24/22 Fire Officer II ECTOC - schedule 
FSI1-2202 Roster  10/28/22 Fire & Emergency Services Instructor 1 ECTOC -  schedule
UTV2202 Roster 7/30/22 ATV/UTV Off Road Training South Line - schedule