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Course Rosters & Schedules

NOTE: Rosters are added as student registrations are compiled for the particular class. The rosters are updated periodically as registrations are received, as a course is full, or as the registration deadline has passed. Applicants do not immediately show up on rosters.

Class schedules, agendas, and prerequisites are also found here. Refresh each page to see most current files.

  Roster Start Date Class Agenda Class Schedule
  052401 Roster 1/4/24 Fire Police Clarence - schedule
  1C2303 Roster 11/4/23 Incident Safety Officer ECTOC - schedule - In Progress
  1S2305 Roster 11/1/23 Interior Firefighting Operations/SCBA/Firefighter 1 Evans Center - schedule - In Progress
  1T2302 Roster 11/3/23 Firefighter 2 Tonawanda  Tower- schedule - In progress
  1Y2304 Roster 11/4/23 Apparatus Operator - EVOC ECTOC - schedule - In Progress
  7P2302 Roster 12/12/23 Water Rescue - Awareness Getzville - schedule
  9P2303 Roster 11/30/23 Fire Officer 1 Big Tree - schedule 
  9P2401 Roster 1/4/24 Fire Officer 1 Williamsville - schedule 
  9O2401 3/18/24 Fire Officer 2 ECTOC - schedule 
  FAS2401 Roster 1/30/24 Fire Alarm Systems For The Fire Service  Lakeshore - schedule 
  FAS2402 Roster 2/14/24 Fire Alarm Systems For The Fire Service Bellevue - schedule 
  FSI1-2401 1/19/24 Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 1 ECTOC - schedule
  FSI2-2401 2/23/24 Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 2 ECTOC - schedule Must have completed FSI-1 to register.
  HZM52301 Roster 12/2/23 Hazmat Technician Module 5 ECTOC - schedule 
  LIB2303 Roster 12/9/23 Battery Emergencies & Electrical Storage Systems Clarence - schedule 
  TASAR2306 Roster 12/4/23 Terrorism Awareness for First Responders Orchard Park - schedule
  Sign up via LMS 2/6/24 Building Organizational Support for Community Risk Reduction
  Sign up via LMS 1/10/24 Medical Management for CBRN Events

ECTOC - schedule
  Sign up via LMS 1/17/24 Continuity of Operations Planning
  Online Course Self Study Battery Emergencies and Electrical Storage Systems Virtual - Course Info