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Paying for Long Term Care

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An important part of planning for long term care is deciding how to pay for it.

There are variations in costs based on the type and amount of care you need, which provider you use, and where you live. Learning more about the "rules" for when Medicare, Medicaid, or other options might pay for long term care is important and may affect your decisions.

Payment options may include:

  • Personal savings or investments
  • Long-term care insurance *
  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans benefits

For more information, or to discuss your particular situation, contact Erie County NY Connects:

Telephone: (716) 858-8526 (local calls)

1-800-396-2705 (toll-free long distance)

contact us online

Erie County NY Connects

95 Franklin St., 13th Floor

Buffalo, NY 14202

* For more information about long-term care insurance in Erie County contact the Insurance Resource Center at (716) 858-7883.

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