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Raise the Age Legislation

Effective 10/1/2018, New York State rolled out the Raise the Age (RTA) legislation for 16 year old offenders.  The Probation Department is a pivotal entity in providing services to the RTA population.

16 year old offenders arrested for Misdemeanor level offenses will now be issued appearance tickets to appear at the Probation Department for Adjustment Services and be handled in the Family Court system rather than being prosecuted in the criminal justice system.  Effective 10/1/2019, 17 year old offenders will be included in this process.

A 16 year old charged with a felony offense is now designated an Adolescent Offender (AO).  Adolescent Offenders will be processed through the Youth Part Court where they have an opportunity to voluntarily accept services and in most instances, remove/transfer the case to Probation Intake for possible adjustment.  For more detailed information click here.