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What if a Law Enforcement Officer issues my child an Appearance Ticket?

A Law Enforcement Officer may issue an Appearance Ticket to a youth for alleged misconduct, answerable at Probation Intake on the Ground Floor of the Family Court Building, 1 Niagara Plaza, Buffalo, 14202. The time and date to appear with their parent/guardians is indicated on the ticket.  The Probation Officer will address the ticket and determine if the case is suitable for adjustment.

The youth will be assessed and may be assigned to the Juvenile Delinquency Services Team to assist in diverting appropriate cases from the court.  The worker will refer the youth and their family to community based services and provide appropriate consequences to address delinquent behavior and underlying issues they have dealt with.

The team is comprised of Probation Officers, Juvenile Justice Counselors and Mental Health Specialists.

Cases that are legally required and/or involve community/family and individual safety are referred to the County Attorney for consideration of Family Court action.