Public Health Nurse


Public Health Nurse

41-008 - Continuous Recruitment (no written exam required)

$61,524 -$90,761 Annually
Application Fee
Residence Requirements

RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS: CANDIDATES MUST HAVE BEEN LEGAL RESIDENTS OF ERIE COUNTY FOR ONE MONTH IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION AND MUST BE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF ERIE COUNTY AT THE TIME OF APPOINTMENT. The eligible list will be used to fill vacancies in Erie County Departments. If you pass the examination, your name will appear on the continuous eligible list for one year. After one year, your name will be removed from the list. You may apply for retest at six month intervals.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must meet the New York State Sanitary Code's required qualifications for Public Health Nurse. The requirements for approval are stated in Chapter I, Title 10, Part II, Section 11.43 of the New York State Sanitary Code and are as follows: A. A Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Nursing conferred by a college or university whose nursing program is acceptable to the State Department of Health and which prepares graduates for beginning public health nursing positions under supervision; OR B. A Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Nursing conferred by a college or university whose nursing program is not acceptable to the State Department of Health, supplemented by content which equates to a program that is acceptable to the State Department of Health. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCEPTANCE OF APPLICATIONS: Candidates must possess the following at the time of application and at the time of appointment. 1. Registered Professional Nurse license issued by the State of New York Education Department; and 2. New York State Driver's License. Notice to Candidates: Transcripts will now be accepted by the Department of Personnel ONLY at time of application. All subsequent transcripts must be submitted at time of interview.

Examples of Duties

DUTIES: A Public Health Nurse under supervision, performs public health nursing activities with individuals and families in accordance with the planned program of the agency; gives skilled nursing care and prescribed treatments to patients in clinics and demonstrates nursing care to patients and families; serves as a team leader in the provision of nursing services; coordinates plans for service with nutritionists, social workers, physical therapists, physicians and other professional workers concerned with individual and family health care; counsels and guides individuals and families towards self-help in recognition and solution of physical, emotional and health problems; provides nursing services in clinics; teaches classes, addresses groups and participates in community planning related to health matters; compiles and uses records, reports and statistical information for evaluation and planning of the assigned programs. A medical examination may be required before appointment.

Subjects of Examination

SUBJECT OF EXAMINATION: The only subject of examination will be an evaluation of your training and experience. You are therefore, asked to include in your application a summary of all pertinent training and experience in sufficient detail so that your background may be evaluated against the duties of the position. In your summary of training include all college course work, formal in-service training, and seminars you have attended. You must specify either the number of credits received or the number of contact hours and dates of attendance. Also include a copy of your professional license. Specify the date that your license was first issued. In your summary of experience, you must specify the dates of your employment, the number of hours worked per week, your title, and the main duties for each. Be specific; vagueness and ambiguity will NOT be resolved in your favor. Candidates who submit incomplete applications or documentation may be disqualified.


WHERE TO APPLY: You must obtain Form P.O. 30X, “Erie County Application for Examination or Appointment” at the Erie County Civil Service Commission/Personnel Office web site located at Click on “Civil Service Jobs”. If you do not have internet access you may pick up an application form at the Erie County Personnel Department, 95 Franklin Street, Room 604, Buffalo, New York 14202. Forms are also available at Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries and at Town, Village and School District administrative offices.

Completed forms should then be returned to the Erie County Personnel Department. In addition, candidates must attach transcripts to their application. No applications will be evaluated until all the above information, including transcripts, is received.


This examination is prepared by the New York State Department of Civil Service and held in compliance with the New York State Civil Service Law and the rules and regulations of the New York State Department of Civil Service.


A $15.00 filing fee is required for this exam. The required fee must accompany your application. Send or bring check or money order made payable to Erie County Personnel Department and write the examination number(s) on your check or money order. Do not send or bring cash, as the County cannot be responsible for cash payment. As no refund will be made, you are urged to compare your qualifications carefully with the requirements for admission and file only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified.

APPLICATION FEE WAIVER: A waiver of application fee will be allowed if you are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of a household. In addition, a waiver of application fee will be allowed if you are determined eligible for Medicaid, or receiving Supplemental Security Income payments, or Public Assistance (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/Family Assistance or Safety Net Assistance) or are certified Job Training Partnership Act/Workforce Investment Act eligible through a State or local social service agency.

All claims for application fee waiver are subject to verification. If you can verify eligibility for application fee waiver, complete a “Request for Application Fee Waiver and Certification: form and submit it with your application by the close of business on the Application Deadline as listed on the Examination Announcement. The form is available at the Erie County Personnel Department, 95 Franklin Street, Buffalo, NY (Room 604) or can be downloaded from the County’s website at Click on “County Departments and Agencies”, then “Erie County Civil Service”.