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Erie County Civil Service Transcript Policy

In order to verify that individuals hired for Civil Service positions under the jurisdiction of the Erie County Department of Personnel meet the educational requirements, the candidate must submit documentation of education prior to appointment. This is a candidate responsibility under Rule VIII (5) of the County’s Rules for the Classified Service.

When submitting applications to the Erie County Department of Personnel, candidates should include documentation if specific education is required to meet the announced qualifications for the exam. For example, if an exam requires 24 semester credit hours in accounting, a transcript showing completion of 24 credit hours in accounting should be attached to the application.

If candidates are unable to include transcripts /documentation for required coursework at the time of application submission and they pass the examination, their names will appear as “restricted”* on the resulting Civil Service Eligible List. In order to remove the restriction, transcripts must be presented to the appointing authority (hiring entity) at time of interview to determine acceptability. The transcripts should then be sent by the appointing authority to the County Department of Personnel with the request for appointment, as the restriction must be removed by the Erie County Department of Personnel before any appointment is finalized.

If an appointing authority requires assistance in the review or determination of candidate’s qualifications during the selection process, the staff here in The Erie County Department of Personnel will be happy to assist. It is important to keep in mind that the final decision as to whether a candidate meets the qualifications and the actual removal of a restriction is a function of the Erie County Department of Personnel, not the appointing authority, and is required before an appointment is made final.

*Restricted on a list means that a candidate is entitled/eligible to be canvassed and interviewed for a position. However, before a candidate can be appointed to a position, all restrictions must be removed by the Erie County Department of Personnel.

Notice to Candidates:

Transcripts will now be accepted by the Department of Personnel ONLY at time of application. All subsequent transcripts must be submitted at time of interview.