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Beaches and Pools


Beach Information

The Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) regulates public swimming beaches.  To find out if a particular beach is open, contact the beach directly. Beaches

  • Beaver Island State Park:  716-773-3271
  • Bennett Beach:  716-947-5660
  • Evangola State Park:  716-549-1802 (Monday – Friday), 716-549-1050 (Saturday-Sunday)
  • Evans Town Park Beach:  716-549-0970
  • Green Lake Beach:  716-662-6450
  • Hamburg Beach:  716-646-5145 (M-F); 716-648-1817 (Sat, Sun & Holidays)
  • Lake Erie Beach:  716-549-0970
  • Woodlawn Beach State Park:  716-826-1930 

Beach Water Quality Model

The ECDOH uses a water quality model to determine if the if the water is safe for swimming at Hamburg Beach.  Woodlawn State Park Beach uses its own model.  Bennett Beach and the Town of Evans beaches use the E. coli bacteria count from the water sample taken the day before. 

The ECDOH uses a software program called Virtual Beach, which is the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) model to predict water quality.  Each beach has its own model based on historical data. The software collects weather and other environmental data each morning before the beaches open. The data is then arranged by the US Geological Survey NowCast program to determine if it safe for the beach to open.  Beaches can open if the E.coli colony forming units per 100 mL (cfu/100 mL) is under 235.  For additional information on the water quality models see the Beach Program pamphlet.  

Public Pools & Pools in Spas

The ECDOH regulates pools located in:

Clean it up swimmers

More tips at Clean It Up Swimmers, Healthy Swimming & Healthy Water (CDC)
  • Municipal Housing Complexes
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Schools
  • Campgrounds and Children's Camps
  • Membership Clubs

Swimming Pool Application

Complete the Swimming Pool Application to submit plans for a new public swimming pool or modifications to an existing public swimming pool

Swimming Pool “Rentals”

New York State (NYS) Sanitary Code Subpart 6-1 requires a rigorous engineering review and permit for public swimming pools, and periodic inspections by the local health department. Public swimming pool operators are required to comply with certain engineering, maintenance, hygiene, and supervision standards.   

Generally, a backyard swimming pool or indoor pool at a private residence would not meet the standards for public swimming pools. Individuals who rent their private swimming pool to the public without a permit are violating state sanitary code and putting themselves at risk of penalties/fines. NYS allows penalties of up to $2,000 per violation. Further, they may be putting swimmers at risk of injury or waterborne illness.   

Complaints about swimming pools operating without a permit can be sent to the Erie County Department of Health Division of Environmental Health at or by calling (716) 961-6800.  

Stay Cool in Erie County

When the heat rises, there are many places to go to cool down!  Find a list of places to stay cool in Erie County at

See our extreme heat page for more information and resources to stay safe in the heat. 

Additional Information & Resources 


Environmental Health Division
503 Kensington Ave
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: (716) 961-6800
Fax: (716) 961-6880
For Emergencies after regular business hours: 716-961-7898