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Common Documents Needed for Emergency Services Applications

Regardless of your emergency, you will most likely need to provide the following:

  • LDSS-2921 Application, unless applying for/ receiving ongoing Temporary Assistance.   Applications are also available in languages other than English
  • Photo identification for anyone age 18 and older.
  • Birth Certificates & Social Security Cards for anyone not currently receiving ongoing TA or SNAP benefits.
  • Immigration Status, if not a US Citizen (I-94, Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization, etc).
  • Income, which may include your last 4 weeks’ pay stubs, or monthly statements for things like Social Security, child support, workers compensation, or disability insurance. 
    • If you will be starting a new job, you can provide a letter from your employer confirming your start date, rate of pay, hours per week, and date of first check
    • If you are self-employed, you should provide proof of your most recent 3 months’ income and expenses
  • Resources, which may include bank statements and retirement accounts.  
  • Residence & Household Composition, which may include a current Shelter Verification, lease, or collateral statements from friends, neighbors, or family members confirming where you reside and who lives with you.
  • Shelter Expense, which may include a current Shelter Verification or lease, and your portion letter, if you receive Section 8. 
  • Property Ownership & Expenses, which may include a deed, monthly mortgage statement, county and local taxes, homeowner’s insurance, user fee, sewer and water bills.