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  • Cancer Services Program covers the cost of a screening mammogram for those age 40-74 with little or no health insurance, as well as a provider visit for a Clinical Breast Exam if needed.
  • Anyone under age 40  with concerning symptoms or considered to be at increased risk may also qualify.
  • We partner with more than 20 imaging centers throughout Erie County and over 25 physician offices to provide a high quality and convenient location for everyone.
  • Call us today for more information and to schedule an appointment at the location of your choice.
  • Call us today and #JustScreenIt! 716-858-7376.


  • Cancer Services Program will cover the cost of any additional testing needed based on your screening results.
  • Our Case Manager will help coordinate any follow-up appointments needed.


  • If breast cancer or a pre-cancerous condition is found that needs treatment, Cancer Services Program has coverage under a special Medicaid Cancer Treatment Program (MCTP) for eligible persons without health insurance.