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Security Agreements Information - Spanish

  • Emergency Services, 460 Main St, 2nd floor, may assist you with a Security Agreement if you cannot afford to pay a cash security deposit, and you must move due to a critical reason, including medical disability, health department order, moving from temporary to permanent housing, a significant cost savings over 2 years, or an adverse living situation affecting your family’s mental or physical health, which requires relocation.  
  • A Security Agreement is a written contract between you, your landlord, and ECDSS.  This agreement is in lieu of a cash deposit- that means that your landlord cannot receive a cash deposit and a security agreement from DSS. 
  • While it is equal to one month’s rent, no cash is issued to the landlord up-front.  Instead, payment may be made to the landlord if a valid claim is submitted for unpaid rent or for damages, after you move out. 
  • Along with other common documents needed for application, you will need to provide verification of your critical reason for move, a landlord statement or lease for your new place, proof of any rental subsidy you’ll be receiving (Rental Assistance, Belmont, Evergreen, etc.), and a completed Pre-Tenancy Inspection Form.
  • The Pre-Tenancy Inspection form is completed and signed by you and your landlord when you do a walk-through of your new apartment prior to applying with us. 
    • On the form, you document and agree to the condition of all the rooms and note any existing damages.  Do NOT sign an inspection form if you haven’t physically seen all the rooms of the place you’re planning to rent.  
  • When you move out, you will do a Post-Tenancy Inspection with your landlord, and again document and agree to the condition of your apartment.   It’s important for you to be present. 
  • If you owe rent or have caused damages to the apartment, your landlord may submit a claim to our agency requesting payment.  If that happens, we will contact you through the mail, and you will have the opportunity to submit any documentation to us if you don’t agree with what the landlord is claiming. 

If we make payment on the security claim, you may be required to repay the agency.   We will notify you of our decision on your landlord’s claim through the mail.

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