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Colon Cancer Take Home Test Kits Available

Colorectal Cancer is Preventable.

Colon Cancer Take Home Test Kits Available.

Cancer Services Program provides a simple, at-home early detection colon cancer screening test called a FIT Kit. You complete the FIT Kit in the privacy of your home and mail it directly to the lab. 

This Kit is available for any average risk Erie County resident, regardless of insurance status, between the ages of 45-75 years old.

To request a fit kit by mail, complete this form or call us at 716-858-7376!

See this video for FIT Kit instructions.

Colorectal Cancer is Preventable.

Watch this video because colorectal cancer can be prevented! Erie County Department of Health is encouraging adults between the ages of 45 and 75 to #JustScreenIT!

For more information

See our colon cancer web page

Call us at (716) 858-7376 or use our Online Contact Form.


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