Add Organization to Presenting page

If your organization is an Erie County Cultural Funding recipient, it can be added to the Presenting page (

(Interested in applying for Erie County Cultural Funding? Start with reviewing eligibility requirements on the Funding Overview page)

It serves as a one-stop-shop that anyone in the County (or anywhere in the world) can access when looking for arts & cultural non-profits programming in Erie County, NY!


To be included, email Mariely Ortiz ( the following information (no extraneous information, please):

  • Logo (.png preferred)
  • Website address/main online presence (copy paste it from the web browser, so it is complete with https, etc.)
  • Titles of your available programs and offerings (virtual class? Exhibits? Scavenger hunts? # campaigns? Etc. take a look on the page for what some other organizations have shared) 
    • NOTES:
      • Use specific, short, and informative titles. Many organizations may have courses/classes, but distinguish yours (i.e., don't just say "online class", but what the topic is)
      • These can be organized under a heading, such as a Speaker or Concert series, etc. 
      • Your online programming and in-person programming, with date, location, and time information.
      • Your organization's physical address (if applicable) and open hours.
  • Date & time if your event has a specific time component. Keep it short; not all details necessary on this page, as the person will visit the most relevant link for that information.
    • NOTES: Use one of the following formats:
      • numerical MM/DD – MM/DD format (e.g., 7/23 - 8/23)
      • Specific days of the week (e.g., Tuesdays)
      • Specific date and time, MM/DD @ HHam/pm (e.g., 8/15 @ 7pm) 
  • Direct link to where people can find the most relevant info (website, Facebook, etc.)
    • NOTE: Copy paste the URL/link to where the most relevant information is (don't make the person search your website/Facebook/etc. for the information)

Thank you for participating in this initiative and bolstering our community and quality of life.