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Erie County Cultural Funding Application Resources 

Arts Sector Resources

from Arts Services Inc

Forms for 2025 Funding Application

NOTE: These templates should be analyzed and edited to fit your organization

Definitions and Descriptions
Briefings and Trainings/Resources

Technology Guide - list of articles and guides for managing documents for the application (PDF, Excel, digitizing, etc.)

Current Funding Cycle:

  • 2025 Funding Briefing -
    • Briefing 1: Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 6pm on at Squeaky Wheel located in the Tri-Main Center (2495 Main St # 310, Buffalo, NY 14214). Recording.
    • Briefing 2: Thursday February 22, 2024 at 6pm at the West Falls Center for the Arts (1863 Davis Rd, West Falls, NY 14170). Recording.
  • UPCOMING: Accounting Best Practices for Non-Profits

Past Funding Cycles:

  • For information on prior grantees, please see the Erie County Adopted Budgets, Book A under the Department of Environment & Planning section.
  • The only way to find out if your organization has been awarded funding for a certain year  is through the Erie County Budget process. The Budget Books are available here: The Proposed Budget ("Draft") is provided by the County Executive in the fall and the Adopted Budget ("Final") is approved by the Legislature in December. Arts & Cultural Funding is located under Budget Book A: Operating Funds, under Erie County Department of Environment and Planning.
Contact & Feedback

Contact us with your questions!

NOTE: Only the Department of Environment & Planning staff will be able to answer your detailed questions - please contact us directly, as reaching out to other departments (Comptroller, Budget, Law, etc.) or administrative bodies (County Executive, Legislature, etc.) will only delay an answer as your request makes its way to us.

Erie County Seal

If your organization has received cultural funding from Erie County and would like to download a high-resolution image file of the Erie County Seal for use on your website and marketing materials, please click one of the Seals below.



erie county seal with white square background

Erie County Seal with white square background


Erie County Seal only

Erie County Seal only (No background)


erie county seal black and white

Erie County Seal with white square background, greyscale


erie county seal no background, greyscale 

Erie County Seal only (No background), greyscale