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Established by County Executive Regan in 1977, the Erie County Cultural Funding Program has had over 40 years of support for the arts, and a significant impact on the development of the arts and cultural community throughout the region. 

Overall Funding Goals

  1. To advise Erie County Government regarding the role of the County’s cultural agencies and their significance to its citizens, economy, and quality of life.
  2. To provide and advocate for equitable and effective processes and procedures for the distribution of County funds to cultural organizations.
  3. To foster the development and growth of vibrant, diverse, quality cultural agencies.
  4. To promote access to these cultural organizations to all County citizens and visitors regardless of their physical ability, economic group, or geographic location.
  5. To promote diversity in the cultural fabric of the Erie County community by encouraging representation of all diverse groups in the make-up and activities of these cultural organizations. This includes Board members, staff, volunteers, and programming.
  6. To require fiscal responsibility including a diversified funding base for all cultural organizations.

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Learn about how planners use arts and culture strategies to achieve economic, social, environmental and community goals.

Program and Service Objectives

  • Gather, analyze and assess information on cultural organizations funded by the County.
  • Process all cultural funding contracts and invoices in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Coordinate with tourism, arts, culture and heritage promotion agencies and organizations to market and enhance cultural tourism in Erie County.
  • Assist cultural organizations to leverage financial support, gain new audiences, increase management capacity, identify strengths and challenges, inform decision-making and realize their mission.


The Erie County Arts & Cultural Advisory Board was reestablished in 2012 (Press Release) in accordance with §2205 of the County charter. The Board is composed of up to fifteen (“15”) members appointed by calendar year, with a balanced mix of financial, legal, academic, culture, and arts advocacy experience. They and DEP staff review applications for funding submitted annually by Erie County arts and cultural entities.

Board members volunteer their time and expertise and receive no remuneration. View Duties Description.

Board members are beholden to County Ethics and the Board Conflict of Interest Policy. The term conflict of interest describes any circumstance that would cast doubt on the ability of a Member of EACAB to act with total objectivity with regard to the integrity of EACAB and the public’s interest. Each Member is expected to avoid any action or involvement, which would in any way compromise his or her actions on behalf of EACAB. A possible conflict of interest includes circumstances that may appear to others to be a conflict of interest regardless of whether such circumstances actually create a conflict of interest. Therefore, all potential conflicts are disclosed upon appointment, annually, and immediately upon the development of a conflict at any time. The handling of conflicts of interest is detailed in the policy; in summary: uninterested members vote on whether a conflict exists without the interested person present. Interested person does not review nor influence review of application if a conflict exists or can be perceived as a conflict. All communications are handled by DEP staff (Mariely Ortiz at directly with each organization's contact person.

Meeting Documents

Public Participation at EACAB Meetings

7/12/24 - Agenda

5/10/24 - Agenda

1/26/24 - Rescheduled: 2/9/24 - Agenda; Item D: Rating System; Minutes

1/5/24 - Agenda; Minutes

11/3/23 - Agenda; Item B: Bylaws; Item D: Schedule; Documents for Item E: Comptroller Monitoring Reports; Minutes

7/10/23; rescheduled 7/18/23 - Agenda; Item B: Funding Recommendations; Minutes

5/8/23- Agenda; Review Form

2/6/23 - Agenda; Item B: DRAFT Application for Review; Minutes

1/23/23 - Agenda; Document for Item BDocument for Item C; Minutes

2023 schedule

7/11/22: Agenda; Minutes

5/9/22: Agenda; Minutes

2/7/2022: Agenda, DRAFT 2023 Level 3 Application

1/26/2022: Agenda, DRAFT schedule, DRAFT 2023 Review Sheet, 2022 Legislative awards, Minutes

9/2/2021: AgendaOpen Meetings LawECCRAB bylaws, AFPB Bylaws, Minutes

Previous EACAB Members


2023 Calendar Year EACAB members: