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  • Obtained several Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs for Erie County departments and local governments totaling well over $3 million dollars.
  • Obtained a Department of Justice Grant to address Domestic Preparedness (acts of terrorism) issues in Erie County totaling $300,000 for the purchase of equipment for the Domestic Preparedness Task Force which is all the Haz Mat Teams in Erie County
  • Obtained several grants to enhance communications for Erie County dealing with HAM radio and the ARES/RACES organizations. These grants totaled over $100,000.
  • Obtained millions of dollars in federal aid for Erie County, its municipalities, non-profit organizations and individuals as a result of federal disaster declarations.
  • Obtained a grant from the Federal Housing Administration for aid to Erie County, its municipalities and individuals as a result of the floods in 1998 totaling over $1 million dollars.
  • Submitted a grant application to the Federal Highway Administration in conjunction with the Department of Public Works for Federal grants to assist in Highway Incident Management and Clear Roadway Polices.
  • Assisted Various Volunteer Fire Companies in writing a FEMA Grants for personal protective equipment, training, apparatus, physical fitness and wellness, fire equipment, and fire prevention. From a pot of $100million available this year in this program