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General Information

Erie County's Division of Sewerage Management (DSM) is a division of the County's Department of Environment and Planning. The DSM is responsible for the planning, financing, design and construction, and subsequent operation and maintenance of the facilities. This includes the facilities of the seven (7) Erie County Sewer Districts (ECSDs).

The DSM is responsible for over 1,000 miles of sewer, approximately 100 wastewater pumping stations, 3 storm sewer pumping stations, 462 low pressure grinding units, 5 overflow retention facilities, and six wastewater treatment facilities (also referred to as 'water resource recovery facilities').

The ECSDs provide sanitary sewer services to communities within their respective boundaries, in addition to Out-of-District agreements for service. The sanitary sewers serviced by the ECSD are governed by the Rules & Regulations for Erie County Sewer Districts. The Districts are responsible for the construction and maintenance of sanitary sewer systems and wastewater treatment facilities. In ECSD 6, the District is also responsible for the storm sewer system, including Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Requirements . The storm sewers in ECSD 6 are also governed by their own Rules and Regulations.

The ECSDs are provided oversight by Boards of Managers appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Erie County Legislature.

The ECSDs are self-supporting entities with the power to assess appropriate service fees and levy local sewer charges. Capital construction is eligible for both federal and state aid when available. At present, only low interest loans are available and therefore, the vast majority of capital improvements are shouldered by the ratepayers.