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Edward A. Rath County Office Building
95 Franklin Street, 10th Floor - Room 1034
Buffalo, New York 14202
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM: (716) 858-8383 – Voicemail available after hours for non-emergencies.
4:00 PM - 8:00 AM: (716) 823-8188 – 24-hour emergency service.
For general questions, please email

Northern Region
Erie County Sewer District Nos. 1, 4, 5
3789 Walden Avenue
Lancaster, NY 14086
(716) 684-1234

Southern Region - Big Sister Water Resource Recovery Facility
Erie County Sewer District No. 2
8443 Lake Shore Road
Angola, NY 14006
(716) 549-3161

Central Region - Southtowns Wastewater Treatment Facility
Erie County Sewer District Nos. 3 & 8
S-3690 Lake Shore Road
Buffalo, NY 14219
(716) 823-8188 [Use this number for all Central Region Facilities]

Central Region – Holland Water Resource Recovery Facility
Erie County Sewer District No. 3
457 N. Main Street
Holland, NY 14080

Central Region - Lackawanna Water Resource Recovery Facility
Erie County Sewer District No. 6
260 Lehigh Avenue
Lackawanna, NY 14218

Central Region – East Aurora Water Resource Recovery Facility
Erie County Sewer District No. 8
201 Mill Street
East Aurora, NY 14052

Click here for a description of the above facilities

Complaint, Sewer Problem, or Connection Permits:

For sewer complaints/problems and/or connection permits, contact the Erie County Sewer District (ECSD) office in which your property is located. Click here for the full listing of Erie County Sewer Districts.

Sewer Emergency Situations in a County Sewer District, during off hours:

The Sewer District Offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For 24-Hour Emergency Response call (716) 823-8188.

Digging Projects:

Before you dig, contact Dig Safely New York, they are the Underground Facilities Protective Organization (UFPO) at 1-800-962-7962 or 811. Information can be found on their website at IT'S THE LAW! You must call for a stake-out request at least 2 working days, but not more than 10 working days before any excavation starts (excluding weekends and holidays). This organization will notify all utilities to mark their locations in the area to be excavated.

Sewer Taxes, Billing, Adjustments, and/or Easements:

For questions regarding Erie County Sewer taxes or billings, contact the phone number for Erie County Sewer District (ECSD) in which your property is located.

Alden 716-858-6202
Amherst 716-858-6202
Boston 716-858-6202
Brant/Farnham 716-858-8703
Cheektowaga/Depew 716-858-8703
Clarence 716-858-8703
East Aurora 716-858-8044
Eden 716-858-6202/858-8703
Elma 716-858-6202
Evans/Angola 716-858-8703
Hamburg 716-858-6202 / 858-8703
Holland 716-858-6202
Lackawanna 716-858-6202
Lancaster/Depew 716-858-8044
North Collins 716-858-8703
Orchard Park 716-858-8044
West Seneca 716-858-6202 / 858-8703
Out of District 716-858-6202

If a contact is unavailable, a supervisor can be reached at 716-858-6202.

  • Existing out-of-district customer agreements, call (716) 858-6990.
  • Existing sewer easements, call (716) 858-8760.
  • New requests for out-of-district customer agreements, call (716) 858-6990.
  • Commercial Water Usage Adjustments, contact Laura Surdej at (716) 823-5888 Ext. 223.

Subdivision and/or Commercial Development:

Contact (716) 858-6990 for Downstream Capacity Analysis (DSCA) Criteria, design requirements, engineering assistance, or plan submittal.

Obtaining Maps or Determining where Sewerlines are Located:

Contact the District office in question, or for questions in regards to AutoCad mapping call (716) 858-8760, or GIS mapping call (716) 858-4825.

Water Bill and/or Water problems:

The Erie County Water Authority provides water to a majority of people within Erie County. However, the Water Authority is not a part of Erie County Government. They can be reached at their offices at (716) 849-8484.

Septic Tank Information:

All information regarding septic tanks should be directed to the Erie County Health Department at (716) 961-6800 or

Properties located within a County Sewer District which have septage disposed of by a wastehauler at a County Sewer District facility may apply to the District office (call (716) 858-6990 for information) for a partial rebate of the wastehauler charges paid, up to one half of the actual District sewer taxes paid.