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About Youth Services

Contact Us / Staff

Erie County Youth Bureau
810 East Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14211
P: (716) 923-4000
F: (716) 893-7929

Kenneth Simmons, Deputy Commissioner for Youth Services - (716) 923-4065

(Vacant) -- Senior Youth Bureau Director
 (716) 858-8151

Wanda Hillman, Youth Services Planning Coordinator - (716) 923-4055

Youth Services Planning Coordinator - (Vacant)
(716) 923-4008

Ruby Jain, Supervisor of Claims Administration - (716) 923-4047

Jennifer Longo, Principal Clerk - (716) 923-4064

Youth Services/Detention Family Court Location

The Youth Services Juvenile Justice/Detention Program is located in Room 125 of the Family Court Building, at 1 Niagara Plaza Downtown Buffalo. Court services staff work to build a comprehensive Juvenile Justice strategy to best serve the needs of youth in their community.

The Youth Services Family Court Located program is charged with taking into, and releasing, JD and PINS youth from custody; screening and intake as well as transport coordination. Staff may also screen youth returned to Family Court on AWOL warrants for possible pre-court release.

Parents/guardians directed to this office will be provided with information regarding the youth’s referral for program participation, release from custody or further detention.

For further information please contact the Detention office at the following number during business hours 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. [Monday - Friday]: Main Office 858-8105