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After Hour Detention Programs

After-hours Detention Programming at the Erie County Secure and Specialized Secure Detention Facility (ECSSSD), 810 East Ferry St., Buffalo, NY 14211. These awards are designated to promote positive youth development and address long-term juvenile delinquency prevention within Erie County to strengthen families and communities. The RFP is announced via public notice, e-mail, the Erie County website, and the Erie County Youth Services website. All important dates and deadlines are included in the RFP.

After Hour Detention Programs - Click Here to see the Request for Proposal (RFP)

Proposals are due December 27, 2023


Proposals are to be uploaded to ECDSS RFP submission form as 3 sections. Click Here for the Question-and -Answer portion of the RFP. 

Appendix A

  • Proposal to Provide Service
  • Signed Schedule A
  • For agencies not currently contracted with ECDSS to provide the requested service. References and data from similar work.

Appendix B

  • Signed Fiscal Form
  • Budget Forms

Appendix C

  • Most recent Audit report prepared by an independent CPA.
  • Most recent Management Letter.
  • Listing of Officers and Board of Directors.