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Juvenile Delinquency Services Team

(716) 858-8233 (Intake)

If a youth under the age of 16 receives an Appearance Ticket from a law enforcement officer, the youth and his parents or legal guardian will meet with a probation intake officer to address the ticket and determine if the case is suitable for adjustment. The Juvenile Delinquency Services Team works to divert appropriate cases from the court, by implementing community based services that provide consequences for the criminal/delinquent behavior, as well as address family, school, or community concerns and underlying issues that brought them to the attention of law enforcement agencies.

Cases that are legally required and/or involve community, family, and individual safety are referred to the Erie County Attorney for consideration of Family Court action.

The Juvenile Delinquency Services Team is located in the Family Court Building, 1 Niagara Plaza, Buffalo, New York.

The team is comprised of Probation Officers, Juvenile Justice Counselors and Mental Health Specialists.

Youth Services Juvenile Justice Counselors provide targeted case management within the Juvenile Delinquency Services Team, an interdepartmental Juvenile Justice program. These workers provide diversionary planning and case monitoring for youths answering delinquency Appearance Tickets at Probation Intake and youths appearing in Court awaiting final case disposition.

The program’s mission is to divert youths from further system penetration at a level that will preserve personal and community safety, while supporting the youth and family with appropriate services, monitoring and accountability.