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Public Comment on Action Plan - Public Feedback has Closed

The public comment period for the draft Erie County Community Climate Action Plan has closed. You are still welcome to read our draft Plan until the final Community Climate Action Plan is released.

Full DRAFT Erie County Community Climate Action Plan


Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Read the Executive Summary to learn about the Erie County Community Climate Action Plan in four pages.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Read the Introduction to learn why Erie County needs to take climate action and to understand the organization of the draft Community Climate Action Plan.

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Chapter 2 - Climate Justice

Read the Climate Justice Chapter to learn about addressing climate change in an equitable manner in Erie County.

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Chapter 3 - Climate Resilience

Read the Climate Resilience Chapter to learn about building resilience to the impacts of climate change in Erie County.

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Chapter 4 - Communicating Progress

Read the Communicating Progress Chapter to learn about outreach and engagement with the Erie County community during the development of the draft Community Climate Action Plan.

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Chapter 5 - Consumption and Waste

Read the Consumption and Waste Chapter to learn about responsible production and consumption of resources and sustainable management of waste in Erie County. 

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Chapter 6 - Transportation

Read the Transportation Chapter to learn about creating a safe, equitable, and affordable multi-modal transportation system in Erie County.

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Chapter 7 - Housing and Neighborhood Resiliency

Read the Housing and Neighborhood Resiliency Chapter to learn about supporting efforts to protect vulnerable Erie County residents from changes in our climate, through resiliency and efficiency efforts.

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Chapter 8 - Economic and Workforce Development

Read the Economic and Workforce Development Chapter to learn about fostering an equitable and robust green economy in Erie County.

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Chapter 9 - Commercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

Read the Commercial Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Chapter to learn about moving toward net zero carbon emission buildings and supporting the transition to a decarbonized electrical grid in Erie County.

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Chapter 10 - Nature-based Solutions

Read the Nature-based Solutions Chapter to learn about protecting intact landscapes, restoring degraded ecosystems, and improving equitable access to green infrastructure, tree canopy, and open space in Erie County.

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Chapter 11 - Agriculture and Food Systems

Read the Agriculture and Food Systems Chapter to learn about promoting agriculture and food system solutions in Erie County.


If you have any questions you can contact us at or below.