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LEPC Links

The links featured on the page will lead you to departments, services and databases related to the Erie County LEPC. Please take time to visit these sites.

Of particular interest is the Erie County HAZMAT Organization's site where you can learn more about the all volunteer team that is prepared to respond to and treat any hazardous incident in the county, whether the incident is a small spill or calls for a Full Scale Response.

Visit the Erie County Hazardous Waste Drop Off Sites webpage to access more information regarding Hazardous Waste Drop Off Collection dates and locations.

To learn more about activities and current events relating to other LEPCs around the country, visit the LEPC Information Exchange. The site offers links and contact information for every LEPC across the US.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's site offers a wide variety of emergency prevention, preparedness and response information on topics ranging from how to report a hazardous spill to tips on preventing chemical accidents.