Erie County Park System Master Plans

EC Parks & Forests

Erie County’s nearly 10,000 acre Park System represents a diverse collection of natural resources, historic structures, and unique places within the Western New York Region. The system is comprised of 40 sites throughout the County, and provides for recreational sports fields, cascading waterfalls, hiking trails, biking pathways, lawns for sitting and relaxing in nature, wildlife observation, and much more at no cost for residents and visitors. 

More information on the parks is available at the Erie County Department of Parks, Recreation, & Forestry

Previous County Parks Master Plans were completed approximately in 15 year intervals. The Parks Master Plans guide long-term operations and capital improvements of the Erie County Parks System:


  • Findings Presentation

    The Findings Presentation summarizes feedback received from the public outreach efforts.

    There will be opportunities for further public engagement later in the year.

    Meanwhile, the consultants and County staff have been hard at work reviewing existing policies, practices, and department offerings, as well as the condition of, and amenities in, the parks. 

  • Needs Assessment Survey - Visit to complete the survey. 

    Questions asked about types of programs, facilities, and services residents want in their parks system and where priorities should be placed.The results of this survey will provide critical information in determining community values, satisfaction levels, needs and priorities, and demographics for the County’s long-term planning efforts. 

  • Erie County has engaged the services of Wendel, a local multi-disciplinary Engineering and Landscape Architecture firm, and GreenPlay, a nationally renowned park and recreation consulting firm, to help update the Erie County Parks Master Plan
05/23/2022 - 9:13 am