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Municipal Planning Grant Program


Funding is competitive, the willingness of the municipality to provide matching funds will increase the likelihood of being funded. Please note we are not accepting applications at this time.

Applications are limited to municipalities in Erie County. Projects should be ready to start within one year and be completed within two years from the contract date.

Questions regarding proposed projects may be directed to Mark Rountree, Chief Planner, at or 716-858-8008.

Eligible Applicants: Cities, Towns and Villages in Erie County   

Funding is available for municipalities to prepare and update municipal planning documents and undertake planning and related studies focused on economic development.

Planning documents eligible for funding may include:   

  • New or updated comprehensive plans.
  • New or amended zoning ordinances.
  • Site development feasibility studies, conceptual planning, zoning, or technical planning studies necessary to redevelop large sites of community importance for new uses that will enhance the tax base.
  • Economic development and community development plans to increase the vitality and tax base of communities, including but not limited to: downtown revitalization planning, transportation planning related to downtown parking, and placemaking.   
  • Climate mitigation and resilience plans that support the objectives of the Draft Erie County Community Climate Action Plan.
  • Implementation of the recommendations of municipally adopted planning documents.

The intent of these funds is to address emerging issues, comprehensively plan for municipalities, and to conduct the planning necessary to better address community needs and improve the tax base. Municipalities should consider proposing projects that address one or more of the following through municipal planning:

  • Shovel-Ready/Developable Sites – Planning to address changes in the economy, and the low inventory of shovel-ready sites in Erie County, including:
    • Reimagining underutilized, predominantly vacant sites in developed areas with infrastructure, including but not limited to retail plazas, shopping malls, or office parks.
    • Advancing the development of light industrial sites in developed areas to address the low inventory of shovel-ready industrial land. This may include utility studies, SEQR, zoning amendments, and conceptual planning to advance the development readiness of large sites.
  • Urban center/downtown revitalization.
  • Right-sizing parking requirements in urban and suburban communities.
  • Affordable Housing – Revising zoning codes to address impediments to density and affordable housing.
  • Transportation Corridor/ Municipal Complete Streets initiatives.
  • Climate resilience at the municipal level.

Round 2

The following municipalities received Round 2 funding:

Round 1

The following municipalities received Round 1 funding:

Additional funds were allocated through the Agricultural Planning Grant Program