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Erie County Jails Feasibility Study

Erie County has contracted with consultants Foit-Albert Associates and DLR Group to provide a Comprehensive Facility and Operational Needs Assessment for the Erie County Holding Center and Erie County Correctional Facility.

This study is the first step in determining the future of the County’s detention system facilities. It will assess existing and future programming and building space needs, and guide the County’s decision-making toward an ideal facility and programming that:

  • Meets modern best practices;
  • Complies with New York State Commission of Correction standards;
  • Promotes a safe and productive work environment for employees;
  • Creates a safe environment for incarcerated individuals and provides access to effective resources and services focused on: mental health, substance abuse and addiction recovery, and education, job training, and re-entry programs; and
  • Makes best use of staffing resources and taxpayer money.

This study will include an analysis of several alternatives, including renovation of either existing facility or construction of a new facility. It will not, however, result in any specific recommendations regarding designs or potential locations of a future facility.

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Erie County Holding Center