Company Contact Type of Service Notes
Cascades Recovery U.S., Inc. 3241 Walden Avenue, Depew, NY
(716) 681-1560, (866) 839-0800
Pick-up/Drop-off/Call for information

Commercial recycling. Questions ask for Mark Johnson.

Great Lakes Paper Corp 1885 Harlem Rd,Buffalo, NY
(716) 854-3232
Pick up/ drop off. Call for information
Hanna Paper 475 Ludwig Ave, Buffalo NY
Pick-up. Call for information

Commercial Recycling

Modern Disposal Services 3675 Jeffery Blvd, Hamburg, NY
(716) 821-0029 or 1-800-330-7107
Drop-off/Pick up

Has both residential and commercial recycling pick up services. Only non hazardous waste is permitted at transfer station, call for more information. View website to see what materials are accepted.

Main office: 4746 Model City Rd. PO Box 209, Model City, NY 14107

(716) 754-8226


MRC Recycling Inc. 555 Cascade Dr. Springville, NY
Drop off/Curbside Customer

Television and computer monitors will be charged at $0.70 per pound. Call ahead for items other than electronics. Only plastics #1-5 accepted. Aluminum, tin, and small scrap metal accepted. See website for specifics.

Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste) 2321 Kenmore Ave, Kenmore, NY
(716) 614-3333
Mail-in, Residential/Commercial pick up

Residential and Commercial recycling services, both recurring and one time use. Electronic waste boxes available for mail in up to 70 lbs. See website for more information. 

Shred Nations 266 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY
(716) 508-3808
Drop off/Pick-up

UPS locations:

3842 Harlem Rd., Cheektowaga, NY 14215

(716) 800-3955

2316 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216

(716) 650-5170