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Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz Press Release:

Date: 12/26/23

The Erie County Division of Consumer Protection (“the Division”) recently assisted four individuals in recovering restitution from a roofing contractor, Buffalo Roofing Pro, with whom they had signed contracts for services but did not receive the agreed-upon work. Initial complaints about the situation were provided to the Division for resolution by the Buffalo Attorney General with the result that each of the four received some amount of restitution from the contractor. Victim #1 obtained $1,250 in restitution, Victim #2 obtained $1,100 in restitution, Victim #3 obtained $1,500 and Victim #4 obtained $2,500 in restitution.  The civil penalty obtained for Erie County was $1,350 for contract law violation.

“The Division of Consumer Protection was created for situations such as these, when individuals have been taken advantage of by contractors or vendors and feel they have no one to turn to remedy the situation,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “The Division is a resource and an ally for all county residents and individuals who’ve been treated unfairly by a local business in any way, or just want to know their rights, and not only aggrieved customers but businesses should know that we are here and ready to act.”

The Erie County Division of Consumer Protection was created to ensure that Erie County's residents have access to education, information, and resources regarding consumer protection. The office investigates and mediates consumer complaints through voluntary mediation and educates Erie County consumers on policies, best practices and their rights and responsibilities as consumers. The office also conducts independent investigations of suspected violations in the sale of commodities and rendering of services, checks businesses for availability of items as advertised in various media, and shares information with other enforcement agencies such as the District Attorney, County Attorney, State Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Justice Department, and other local, state and federal jurisdictions.

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