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Required Home Improvement Contract Provisions

contract notice

New York State General Business Law § 771 outlines the requirements needed for a valid New York State Home Improvement Contract. This law was enacted to protect both businesses and consumers.

If you are signing a Home Improvement Contract, you will want to make sure it includes the following components:

  • The contract must be in writing
  • Signed by both parties
  • Any changes to the contract must be in writing
  • Contractor's name, address, phone number, and if applicable, license number
  • Anticipated Start Date
  • Anticipated Completion Date
  • A list of things which might delay either start or completion date
  • Description of work to be done
  • Description of materials to be provided
  • Total amount due from the customer
  • Dates and dollar amounts of all progress payments
  • Specific completion events that trigger progress payments
  • The contract must be legible and in plain English
  • If the contract references another document, the reference must be clear
  • The customer must be given a copy of the signed contract before any work begins
  • Disclosure must be made to the customer of any connection the contractor has with any party financing the home improvement
  • A written agreement of the customer to proceed in light of this disclosure
  • Use the language found on the "Notice of Cancellation" provided below
  • Include a refund policy. Otherwise, the customer may be entitled to a full cash refund

All amendments shall be evidenced by a writing and shall be signed by all parties to the contract.

If you are reviewing a contract to sign and notice any of the above items missing, ask the company to add the missing items. If you have already signed a contract missing any of these items, you may notify our office and file a complaint.

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