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Weights and Measures

This agency is tasked with assuring that all devices used commercially within the county are accurate and are constructed in a manner to prevent fraud. It is also responsible for compliance with the local item pricing/scanner accuracy law. This law requires that consumers know and pay the lowest of any advertised price.

Our Mission

Ensure that equity prevails in the marketplace.

Organization News

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2380 Clinton Street
Buffalo, New York 14227

Phone: (716) 825-1310 - Fax: (716) 823-7686


Program Description

The Weights and Measures Division inspects, tests, and certifies the accuracy of all commercial weighing and measuring devices, including gasoline and other fuel pumps or meters in Erie County. It is responsible for enforcing all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances prescribed by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and the County of Erie. It ensures that buyers and sellers of commodities base their transactions upon accurate weights, measures or counts by confirming the accuracy and the proper usage of all commercial devices. In 1997, this Division joined forces with New York State's Weights and Measures to test the octane of petroleum products within our county. The cost of this program is fully reimbursed by the State.

The Scanner Accuracy and Item Pricing Division enforces Erie County Local Law 7 (1997) by conducting inspections at retail establishments to ensure that the customer knows the price they should be paying and that they pay that price. It enforces payment to customers who have been overcharged.

The Bureau receives revenue from civil penalties assessed for violations of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and Erie County Local Law 7 (1997). A user fee system was enacted in 1989 to help defray this Division’s cost to the taxpayers.