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About Western New York Fishing

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Welcome to the Greater Niagara Region of New York State, spotlighting the dynamic duo of Erie and Niagara counties and some of the best freshwater sportfishing the world has ever seen!

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the natural wonder of Niagara Falls and the river that runs through it bearing the same name. It serves as a conduit connecting the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario, joining two angling meccas that are second to none in the way of quality and diversity. Throw in the Erie Canal, a good number of tributary streams flowing into lakes Erie and Ontario, as well as some inland bodies of water that offer some great fish and fishing opportunities, and you’ve got nearly everything an avid fisherman would ever want.

Erie and Niagara counties are fast gaining a reputation that boasts of excellence in the sportfishing arena. From trophy trout and salmon to world class smallmouth bass, walleye and muskellunge. Carp and channel catfish are steadily climbing the ladder for recognition, offering sizes and consistency that will bring people in from long distances. With an abundance of other fish species like panfish, pike and perch, this destination is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Hire a charter, bring your own boat or fish from shore, the Greater Niagara Region has something for everyone who look to quench a hungry angling appetite. It’ll take just one bite and you’ll be back for more!

Sportfishing is fast becoming an important attraction in the Greater Niagara Region, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and for families looking to get back to bonding and nature. There are loads of other outdoor attractions, too, including recreational boating and sailing, lots of parks, hiking paths, birding opportunities (the Niagara River Corridor is internationally recognized as an important bird area), hunting options and much more. Add the cultural, historical and recreational highlights of Western New York and you can see that this area really does have a tremendous amount to offer visitors and residents alike.

This website has most of the information to get you started and headed in the right direction, from charter listings to marina information; from shore fishing spots to license information. Unfortunately, it can’t help you set the hook and reel the fish in! 

Greater Niagara – You’ll "fall" for us all over again reel soon!

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Lake Erie Fishing Hotline

(716) 855-FISH

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Niagara Co. Fishing Hotline


The Hotspot Fishing map was made possible through the funding of Erie and Niagara Counties. It was prepared cooperatively between Erie and Niagara County’s respective Sportfishing Promotion Programs, with assistance from the Erie and Niagara County Fisheries Advisory Boards. Additional maps may be obtained by calling: Buffalo-Niagara CVB at 800-BUFFALO or Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. at 877-FALLS US.

Cover photo courtesy: Mark Davis, Shakespeare-Pflueger.